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Welcome to Blushing Defeat!

I'm Gardamuse, and I make erotic games with a focus on transformation, notably bimbofication and breast expansion. Thus, please be aware that this site contains sexual content.

Be also aware that this is a sexual fetish that you may not enjoy or find offensive. Part of the fetish can involve derogatory concepts and enforcement of stereotypes regarding gender or intelligence. I find it important to underline that all such ideas are purely fetish fantasy and have no place in the real world. Everything on this site, including my blog, is created on the foundation that everyone who visits will understand that concept and are here to enjoy themselves nonetheless. If you are not comfortable with any of this, I urge you to not browse any further, since in that case, this site is not for you.

I have previously published my work on DeviantArt and TFGamesSite, where you might have seen it before, but due to various restrictions I decided to launch Blushing Defeat as a place to put all my work. As such you will here be able to see much of what I have made, ranging in complexity, but often themed around interaction or ease of viewing.

If that is all clear, you are welcome to look around, comment, and hopefully find something you like. Have fun!

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