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Sexual Content

This site is about erotic games and other sexual content with a focus on transformation, notably bimbofication, breast expansion and gender transformation. Other transformations, degrading speech, gender stereotypes and other such topics are also prevalent.

If you do not wish to view, or are not legally allowed to view such content, please leave now.

Purely Fantasy

Fetish fantasy often involves scenarios that are hot to think about, but which have no place in the real world, and would be truly terrible in reality. Everything on this site is presented on the basis that everyone understands that, and that you are here to enjoy yourself nonetheless.

Have Fun

If you understand what this site is about and want to continue, you are welcome to look around, comment, and hopefully find something you like. Just make sure to keep a positive attitude and be nice in the comments. Have fun!

Hey, I'm Gardamuse!

I'm a programmer and artist who makes erotic and cute fetish games. I think porn is at its best when its both hot and wholesome.

I also publish my work on DeviantArt and TFGamesSite, but this site is where I try to keep everything in one place.

So feel free to browse! You'll find everything from erotic art and transformation sequences to fully fledged games.


If you want, feel free to get in touch! I usually read all comments, but you can also contact me here. E-mail is your best bet, but you can find me in all the following places.

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