Bimbo Blackjack

Bimbo Blackjack

Contains sexual content with focus on Bimbofication. This includes Breast Expansion and TF/Ment.

The Casino was a large and luxurious, although outwards inconspicous building. Officially, it was part casino, part escort agency, employing young and very attractive girls as escort for the men and women who wanted some company on their yachts, in their expensive apartments or to their fancy parties.

Secretly it was also a large benefactor of Bimnocorp, and, as such, had access to their vast array of intelligence- and body-altering equipment.

In Bimbo Blackjack, every round consists of a 5 IQ bet from the player, matched by an equal amount from the house. The first to become a barely functional airheaded bimbo at 40 IQ, has lost.

In addition, when Jessica's IQ is high enough, she will count cards and calculate probabilities, making her more likely to get a good hand. There is also a cheat toggle for rigging the table. This will give Jessica impossibly good hands as long as it is checked.


Originally published on DeviantArt in 2015, Bimbo Blackjack was a stepping stone towards creating Bimbo Holdem Poker. As such, this is quite a small game, but it can be fun nontheless.

I hope you will have fun! Welcome, to the Casino!

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A quick guide to Blackjack

Goal: get as close to but not over 21 in hand value.

Hand value: Normal cards have the value written on them. Aces are worth 1 or 11, depending on what gives you the best score. Face cards count as 10. The sum of your hand is displayed on screen beneath your cards.

Call: Take another card.
Stop: Do not take any more cards and let the dealer have her turn.
Double: both players double their stakes, you take one more card and then let the dealer have her turn.