Bimbo Holdem Poker

Flash is no longer supported in browsers since January 2021, which means this game won't run. However, you can still download Bimbo Holdem Poker and play it in a standalone flash player. One standalone flash player is Adobe's flash player projector.

After downloading, simply start the flash player and use it to open the game file.

Bimbo Holdem Poker

Contains sexual content with focus on Bimbofication. This includes Breast Expansion, TF/TG and TF/Ment.

The Casino was a large and luxurious, although outwards inconspicous building. Officially, the Casino was part casino, part escort agency, employing young and very attractive girls as escort for the men and women who wanted some company on their yachts, in their expensive apartments or to their fancy parties.

Secretly, it was also a major investor for Bimnocorp. With access to Bimnocorp's vast array of equipment they invided those who wanted more than what they could achieve on their own the secret games behind locked doors. Winners were promised the neurological capacity to solve all their problems and unlock great potential within themselves. What they did not say was that the losers would be drained of their intelligence and become airheaded bimbos, losing all desire for anything but sex and then be recruited to expand the Casino's escort staff.

Whoever won would of course learn this secret, but none would ever risk revealing the secrets behind their quickly enhanced intellect and abilities. Nor would anyone risk the wrath of the Casino.

Many have come to this place of high risk and great rewards. Will you guide one of the many participants to victory, or become a bimbo yourself?


Originally published on DeviantArt and TFGamesSite in early 2016, Bimbo Holdem Poker is something I, and several members of the DeviantArt and TFGamesSite have worked on. My greatest thank you to all the talented artists and writers that have helped me out, and to everyone who has commented and brought lots of good feedback. For a full list of credits, software used etc. see the in-game Credits section!

There are a couple of bugs in the game that won't be fixed since they likely would require a very large time-investment to fix. Yet there are tools to deal with these bugs should they arise: one is Quickmode which allows you to quickly toggle off all dialouge and AI delay, and another is Cheatmode for quickly restoring lost progress.

I hope you will have fun! Welcome, to the Casino!

Game not showing?

If the game is not showing it probably means that you don't have flash installed, or your browser doesn't support it. If this happens you can try another browser, or download the game and play it in a standalone flash player. (If you don't have a standalone flash player, you will need to install one.)

A quick guide to Texas Holdem Poker

In short, the only mechanic is betting. You bet more if your hand is good and less if it is not. A hand always has 5 cards and this list of poker hands says how good a hand is.

Texas Hold'em has several stages in one round. First, you get 2 cards. Then, 3 cards are added to the table. Then another card is added to the table for a total of 4. Finally a last card is added to the table for a total of 5. Everytime a card is added you bet on how good your hand will be in the end.

When betting, you can raise, call or fold. These just mean that you think your hand is good, alright, or so bad that you rather skip the rest of this round.

Remember that a hand is always 5 cards? In the last round, you have 2 + 5 = 7 cards available, so you pick the best 5-card hand out of those.