Bimbo Holdem Poker 1.2

Bimbo Holdem Poker 1.2

01 January 2018

Bimbo Holdem Poker 1.2 is finally here! It includes new features, 6 new characters and pink card backs!

In particular, one of the new features is a small note indicating what hand each player has after the showdown. This note doesn’t distinguish between hands of the same type (two players may have “full house” and one still wins because theirs is higher) but it should help when you just can’t figure out why another player won.

Three of the new characters where made by MythicalCreatureBone, one by Tfgame and one by Mistress-Gonzy. Writing for characters has been done partly by the submitting artist, partly by Araten.

The update is live now and available from the Play section.

~ Gardamuse