02 August 2018

I have now added a cookie policy page and accompanying pop-up notice to comply with EU regulations. I currently only use cookies to enable Disqus (the comment plugin) and Google Analytics (for collecting anonymous usage statistics), but you can read all about it on that page (although not much more, it’s quite minimal for now).

I am quite annoyed by this aspect of the data protection law. It is a very important law to have, but some things clearly don’t make sense in my mind. Cookie policy should definitely be up to the user, but the browser should have that functionality, not require it of every single website. But then, even disabling cookies entirely is very flimsy protection. If you really want to protect your data you need a VPN, or better yet, something like Tor. I’m not sure that much is necessary, but it is if you want your data to be secret.

I’m ranting, but the pop-up is up now, and those are some thoughts about it. To end on a lighter note, this post will probably go up alongside another post announcing a script I’ve written (not quite done yet) that might be fun for someone :)

~ Gardamuse