Sound Queuer, a small Autohotkey script

Sound Queuer, a small Autohotkey script

04 August 2018

This is a small autohotkey script I came up with and thought that someone else might have fun with too. It queues random sound files of your choosing each time you press a hotkey and then plays those sounds until the queue is empty. The idea is that if you’re playing a bimbo character you can quickly play a sound whenever they do something stupid, or as a reward when they do something good. It could be used in some entirely different way too, the effect depends entirely on which sounds you use. Be aware that the script comes with a few sounds I’ve copied from some videos.


  1. Make sure you have Autohotkey installed.
  2. Download the SoundQueuer and extract the zip file.
  3. Place all the sounds you want to use in the sounds folder located next to the .ahk file. Remove any of the default sounds that you don’t want.
  4. Start the script by double clicking sound-queuer.ahk.
  5. By default there are two hotkeys: Alt+Q to play one sound and Alt+W to play ten sounds. Press either to start using the script!

It is easy to change the hotkeys to any key you want. For instance, if you want to run this script each time you use a specific ability in-game, you can bind it to the same key as that ability. To modify the script, just open it in a plain text editor. If you haven’t used autohotkey before, don’t worry! The script is well documented and there are links to help pages that will show you how to modify a hotkey.

If you come up with a more inspired name, let me know in the comments ;)

~ Gardamuse