Bimbo Holdem Poker is now open source

Bimbo Holdem Poker is now open source

17 March 2019

Bimbo Holdem Poker is now open source. Checkout the Bimbo Holdem Poker repository.

I released Bimbo Holdem Poker the 17 January 2016, after about three months of development, or half a year counting Bimbo Blackjack which I made as a first step towards creating a more involved erotic casino game. BHP have had some updates since, with many talented artists contributing both art and writing for characters, but due to limitations with flash, and general lack of time on my part, I’ve been thinking for a time of opening the source for BHP, so that the code can be put to new use, should anyone be interested.

When I recently found out about a very good first transformation game from deviant-artist Skaiyawn I figured they might have use for UI library I developed for BHP. At the same time as this, I was also contacted by a contributor to Strip Poker Night at the Inventory, looking to check out the BHP source code, if it was available. SPNatI, incidentally, is another erotic poker game using kisekae art, but open source, that I had never heard of before! Naturally I was amazed by this coincidence of events and decided that I better make haste in getting the codebase online, and so I did.

For anyone who is interested in using the source, check out the readme in the repository! My code is all MIT-licensed, but it is not just my code in the repo. If anyone makes something fun of it, I hope you get in touch! I’m always interested in seeing new fun things being made :)

~ Gardamuse