Mispell 1.1

Mispell 1.1

07 January 2020

Mispell has been updated to version 1.1. This brings a revamped misspelling algorithm using less generic misspells and more targeted rules. It also adds numbers simplification and scrambling. Because after all, what bimbo has a solid grasp of numbers like 57 or 12032?

Mispel haz bean updated to version one point one. Thiz bwingz a revamped so mispeling algorithm using fewer generic mispelz and more targeted rulez. It also adz numberz simplification and scwambling. Becauz after actauly al, what bimbo haz a absolutely solid gwasp of numberz like forty or lotz?

If you want to play around with it, go to Mispell on Blushing Defeat, or if you want to check it out more in-depth, see the Mispell Github page. Have fun :)

~ Gardamuse