08 October 2020

Recently, I’ve gotten a bit more into drawing again, and because Blushing Defeat haven’t had a gallery to speak of, I’ve had to publish exclusively on DeviantArt. But because I like to keep all of my work easily accessible from one place, and more so because DeviantArt isn’t very well suited for viewing transformation sequences consisting of multiple frames, I have now built my own gallery!

The gallery groups images into collections available for browsing. Each collection can then contain one or more sequences, and extra content. Sequences can easily be played, paused or manually stepped through. This is very useful since it means it’s easy for you to view each sequence, and easy for me to publish extra content and related images without polluting your browsing experience with many versions of the same art. Extra content can be images with alternative clothing, sprite sheets, or the sequence in video form, etc.

In the gallery you can find one new sequence right now, a small chibi-esque sequence I did a while ago, but had no good place to publish! Although my patrons will have seen a gif version of it already. An extra thank you to them for supporting Blushing Defeat :)


P.S. I’ve not been able to get comments to work for the gallery quite yet, but do know that I am looking into it.

~ Gardamuse