Remake of Channelbulbus' Breast/Ass/Lip Expansion

Remake of Channelbulbus' Breast/Ass/Lip Expansion

11 October 2020

I’ve talked before of how Channelbulbus is one of my heroes when it comes to breast expansion and transformation sequences. Since making that post, I have been hosting two of their videos on Blushing Defeat, but I felt I wanted to do some more.

The original videos are in quite low resolution for modern standards, so I’ve recreated the first of them in HD, trying to stick as closely as possible to the original. In addition I’ve also tried my hand at rendering the same scene from a rear view angle, so as to contributing with something new. I know that both me and others have been wanting to see that side of things for a long time.

You can find the recreated sequence, the rear view, the original video and my video recreation in the gallery! In fact, this sequence and its many variations, is a large part of why I built the gallery. There simply would be no good way to display so many variations of the same thing otherwise!

Enjoy :)

~ Gardamuse