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Bimbo Personality Quiz not on TFGames

10 November 2020

A while ago I was mentioned on DA in a post by BK-Guy for having inspired his game My Perfect Type, which he had published on TFGames. That got me thinking I should probably publish my Bimbo Personality Quiz on TFGames as well, after all, the quiz has been quite popular with the bimbo TF community on DA.

Turns out that, even after a week long review process, the TFGames admin team’s consensus is that a quiz is not a game, and that games on their site must contain transformations in progress. It is not enough that TF is the central theme of the game, at least not for a short or quiz-style game.

Clearly, I have to say I’m not a fan of this policy, since it means that many fun but short interactives will be much more difficult to find. At the same time, TFGames do seem to accept more or less non-interactive stories as games, as long as those stories use some form of game template engine for clicking through the pages.

That said, TFGames do list many great games too, and I’m sure the admin team does their best. So I can certainly recommend that you check their database out if you have somehow missed it! :)

~ Gardamuse