Ditzy Dice

Ditzy Dice

06 March 2021

The first version of Ditzy Dice has now been released! Check it out!

This has been a quite different development experience to what’s usual for me. Most of my time has been spent writing and drawing rather than coding, and Ditzy Dice so far technically has a lot more content, but is also much shorter, than for instance Cowgirl Dairy Farm. It’s a good feeling though, because I think this is a good base to build more on.

I haven’t done all the drawing myself though. Instead I have been able to get permission from a few of my favourite artists to use some of their art as card illustrations. Many thanks therefore to CrazyCowProductions, Blackshirtboy, Luxu and Bradtanker3, as well as to those who had previously commissioned art from them and also allowed me to use it.

I also want to thank some of the people whose work inspired me to create Ditzy Dice. First and foremost Xsentius for their Bimbo Dice caption series, MythicalCreatureBone for their Eliminated choose-your-own-adventure and finally GrapplerOfBooty for their Transoria sheets and MTG card series.

If you want to check out their work for yourselves, which I recommend, see the full list of credits and links to everyone in the Ditzy Dice credits section.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who supports Blushing Defeat on Patreon for making this possible.

Have fun!

~ Gardamuse