Ditzy Dice 1.1

Ditzy Dice 1.1

12 March 2021

Version 1.1 of Ditzy Dice is out now!

It hasn’t been that long since the release of 1.0, but I’ve had unusually much time to work on Blushing Defeat this week. While I was tempted to add more things, I decided that it’s best to focus on one major feature with each release, not multiple ones.

The main feature of 1.1 is card collection. Whenever you finish a game, all the cards you had in your hand will be added to your collection, which you can access and browse from the main menu.

It is also possible to download your collection, or your hand at the end screen of each game, as an image. This is in large part to make it easier to save the result of a particular game if you want to share it with someone, or use it as the basis for a caption, story or roleplay session.

There are also a few new cards, and one fairly small gameplay tweak.

~ Gardamuse