Ditzy Dice 1.3

18 April 2021

Version 1.3 of Ditzy Dice is out now, adding 10 epilogues with player choices for a total of 24 possible endings!

This update also brings some new game mechanics, mana, and abilities to spend that mana on. Because some people complained about dice rolling the same result, they are now much more likely to roll the same result (as likely as real dice would be)! However, rolling the same result on multiple dice now feeds into the rest of the game mechanics properly, rather than just being a boring outcome.

Many thanks again to Duhad, this time for helping me write all the epilogues!

There are a few other small changes and improvements as well, and if you want more details, check them out in the in-game Patch Notes menu.

As always, if you have any feedback, feel free to get in touch or tell me in the comments!

Have fun!

~ Gardamuse

Ditzy Dice 1.2

26 March 2021

I’ve released update 1.2 of Ditzy Dice!

This update brings additional descriptions for each card that you will be able to see once you activate the card after each round. These descriptions sometimes describe the transformation as it is happening, and sometimes give other kinds of context like how the player character reacts to it. Many thanks to Duhad for helping me write all of these!

There is now also a settings menu where you can set filters to remove types of content you don’t want to see. Something like this has been requested by a lot of people, and this solution means that you can be sure to avoid most of the TF content you really don’t like, while still being in the risk zone of getting the “bad” cards that are actually really hot when you do get, like heavy brain drain.

That said I am looking to add more player decision as well, but I want to make sure it is in a way that doesn’t decrease the likelihood of those really hot bad ends, while still increasing your ability to shape the outcome. This is something for future updates though.

However, what is also in this update is a new “chat” system, that makes it clear who is saying what and makes it much easier to give the player some dialogue options. This will be particularly useful for creating more of an actual epilogue later on.

If you want more details on this update, they’re in the game’s Patch Notes section.

Have fun!

~ Gardamuse

Ditzy Dice 1.1

12 March 2021

Version 1.1 of Ditzy Dice is out now!

It hasn’t been that long since the release of 1.0, but I’ve had unusually much time to work on Blushing Defeat this week. While I was tempted to add more things, I decided that it’s best to focus on one major feature with each release, not multiple ones.

The main feature of 1.1 is card collection. Whenever you finish a game, all the cards you had in your hand will be added to your collection, which you can access and browse from the main menu.

It is also possible to download your collection, or your hand at the end screen of each game, as an image. This is in large part to make it easier to save the result of a particular game if you want to share it with someone, or use it as the basis for a caption, story or roleplay session.

There are also a few new cards, and one fairly small gameplay tweak.

~ Gardamuse

Ditzy Dice

06 March 2021

The first version of Ditzy Dice has now been released! Check it out!

This has been a quite different development experience to what’s usual for me. Most of my time has been spent writing and drawing rather than coding, and Ditzy Dice so far technically has a lot more content, but is also much shorter, than for instance Cowgirl Dairy Farm. It’s a good feeling though, because I think this is a good base to build more on.

I haven’t done all the drawing myself though. Instead I have been able to get permission from a few of my favourite artists to use some of their art as card illustrations. Many thanks therefore to CrazyCowProductions, Blackshirtboy, Luxu and Bradtanker3, as well as to those who had previously commissioned art from them and also allowed me to use it.

I also want to thank some of the people whose work inspired me to create Ditzy Dice. First and foremost Xsentius for their Bimbo Dice caption series, MythicalCreatureBone for their Eliminated choose-your-own-adventure and finally GrapplerOfBooty for their Transoria sheets and MTG card series.

If you want to check out their work for yourselves, which I recommend, see the full list of credits and links to everyone in the Ditzy Dice credits section.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who supports Blushing Defeat on Patreon for making this possible.

Have fun!

~ Gardamuse

Cowgirl Dairy Farm: Milk Market

14 February 2021

I’ve released an update to Cowgirl Dairy Farm, v1.1 Milk Market. This update brings one new character, and several palette swaps for both characters. It also adds the aforementioned milk market system, to add more gameplay to managing your milk supply and selling.

Balance is still a bit off, especially in the late game. There are just too many stats and mechanics for me to properly balance just by playing for a while. That said, I believe v1.1 should address many of the issues that was raised in v1.0. So I’m looking forward to further feedback!

Happy Valentine’s Day <3

~ Gardamuse