Bimbo Booth: Kuzko

04 February 2021

CraftTG has created a new transformation sequence with two different paths! This time the target is a man named Kuzko, a man who feels his life is in need of some change. Help give his life a new spin in the Bimbo Booth!

~ Gardamuse

Cowgirl Dairy Farm

15 January 2021

As always, it turned into a longer project than I anticipated, but version 1.0 of Cowgirl Dairy Farm is out now! Check it out if you haven’t already!

The game may still be a bit messy. Mechanics and effects are not as visible to the player as I think they should be, and the content quantity is on the lower side for some things. I’m thinking especially of the character art that is currently shared by all cowgirls. However, I’ve spent enough time on this that I’m once again starting to feel that I need feedback to know which things is actually worth focusing on. So, release it is, and do let me know what you think in the comments!

Looking forwards, I’m still quite happy with where this game is right now, and whether I continue any major development depends a bit on how everyone likes it. I think it’s kinda fun now, but I also reckon it might not be for everyone. In any case, I plan to take a bit of a break from this game first, except for critical bug fixes or small tweaks, and look into another shorter project that I think could be very fun.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the beta test back in November! The game would have been much less interesting had it not been for your feedback. Many thanks also to those of you who support this and all my other projects on Patreon! It is much appreciated :)

Have fun!

~ Gardamuse

Cowgirl Dairy Farm Closed Beta

24 November 2020

For a while now I’ve been developing a game about managing a dairy farm by hiring staff, assigning them to a few different tasks and researching transformatives. Gameplay wise it is reminiscent of my old Office Week games, but with a bunch more things.

I don’t feel that the game is ready yet, but at the same time I feel like I am at a point where it is better that I publish the game and get feedback from you than keep building features blindly. I’ve learnt that more feedback often can be turned into a better final product :)

However, before that, I would quite like to see what feedback I might get from a closed testing group. I hope this will help me take the game to where it can be enjoyable on release, even if the feature set is limited.

All my patreons have had early access to the alpha builds for a while now, but if you are interested in helping out on this closed beta test, and will be able to provide feedback, do get in touch! For instance, you may send me a note on DeviantArt or an e-mail to

Edit: APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED, for the time being. Thank you to everyone who will or have already provided me with some good feedback :)

~ Gardamuse

Bimbo Personality Quiz not on TFGames

10 November 2020

A while ago I was mentioned on DA in a post by BK-Guy for having inspired his game My Perfect Type, which he had published on TFGames. That got me thinking I should probably publish my Bimbo Personality Quiz on TFGames as well, after all, the quiz has been quite popular with the bimbo TF community on DA.

Turns out that, even after a week long review process, the TFGames admin team’s consensus is that a quiz is not a game, and that games on their site must contain transformations in progress. It is not enough that TF is the central theme of the game, at least not for a short or quiz-style game.

Clearly, I have to say I’m not a fan of this policy, since it means that many fun but short interactives will be much more difficult to find. At the same time, TFGames do seem to accept more or less non-interactive stories as games, as long as those stories use some form of game template engine for clicking through the pages.

That said, TFGames do list many great games too, and I’m sure the admin team does their best. So I can certainly recommend that you check their database out if you have somehow missed it! :)

~ Gardamuse

Remake of Channelbulbus' Breast/Ass/Lip Expansion

11 October 2020

I’ve talked before of how Channelbulbus is one of my heroes when it comes to breast expansion and transformation sequences. Since making that post, I have been hosting two of their videos on Blushing Defeat, but I felt I wanted to do some more.

The original videos are in quite low resolution for modern standards, so I’ve recreated the first of them in HD, trying to stick as closely as possible to the original. In addition I’ve also tried my hand at rendering the same scene from a rear view angle, so as to contributing with something new. I know that both me and others have been wanting to see that side of things for a long time.

You can find the recreated sequence, the rear view, the original video and my video recreation in the gallery! In fact, this sequence and its many variations, is a large part of why I built the gallery. There simply would be no good way to display so many variations of the same thing otherwise!

Enjoy :)

~ Gardamuse