Bimbofication Booth: Angela

09 May 2020

Angela has been added to the Bimbofication Booth! This is one of my old DeviantArt sequences that I had not previously uploaded here. Step the sequence to the left to transform Angela to a demon seductress, or to the right to help her ascend to sainthood and beyond.

Which path would you choose for her?

~ Gardamuse

Bimbofication Booth: Wanda

22 January 2020

The holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some holiday cheer. CraftTG has created another transformation sequence for the Bimbofication Booth, involving three characters out for a winter walk. Expect more clothes than usual, but some quite wholesome holiday transformations!

Many thanks to CraftTG!


~ Gardamuse

Mispell 1.1

07 January 2020

Mispell has been updated to version 1.1. This brings a revamped misspelling algorithm using less generic misspells and more targeted rules. It also adds numbers simplification and scrambling. Because after all, what bimbo has a solid grasp of numbers like 57 or 12032?

Mispel haz bean updated to version one point one. Thiz bwingz a revamped so mispeling algorithm using fewer generic mispelz and more targeted rulez. It also adz numberz simplification and scwambling. Becauz after actauly al, what bimbo haz a absolutely solid gwasp of numberz like forty or lotz?

If you want to play around with it, go to Mispell on Blushing Defeat, or if you want to check it out more in-depth, see the Mispell Github page. Have fun :)

~ Gardamuse

Bimbofication Booth: Chloe

08 December 2019

A while ago I was chatting in the comments by CraftTG who was eager to create a character for the Bimbo Booth. After some amazing work, I am now happy to welcome Chloe to the Bimbofication Booth! She is a bit jealous of how her friends always gets all the attention, but fortunately, your favourite shady corporation is there to help.

With this update, I am also removing the old Character Viewer since all of its characters and features with upgrades are available in the Bimbofication Booth.

Enjoy, and many thanks to CraftTG ♥

~ Gardamuse

Mispell Released on GitHub

27 August 2019

The Mispell JavaScript library is now available on GitHub for use directly in browsers or nodejs. It is released under the MIT license, so anyone who wants to can make fun things with it. If you do, please get in touch and show me! :D

~ Gardamuse