Bimbofication Booth: Chloe

08 December 2019

A while ago I was chatting in the comments by CraftTG who was eager to create a character for the Bimbo Booth. After some amazing work, I am now happy to welcome Chloe to the Bimbofication Booth! She is a bit jealous of how her friends always gets all the attention, but fortunately, your favourite shady corporation is there to help.

With this update, I am also removing the old Character Viewer since all of its characters and features with upgrades are available in the Bimbofication Booth.

Enjoy, and many thanks to CraftTG ♥

~ Gardamuse

Mispell Released on GitHub

27 August 2019

The Mispell JavaScript library is now available on GitHub for use directly in browsers or nodejs. It is released under the MIT license, so anyone who wants to can make fun things with it. If you do, please get in touch and show me! :D

~ Gardamuse

The Bimbofication Booth

29 July 2019

Blushing Defeat have for quite some time had the Character Viewer which has allowed watching transformations of five Bimbo Holdem Poker characters. It does work on all devices, but not that well.

However, I really like the idea of a web app for viewing transformation sequences. As such I’m proud to announce version 1 of the Bimbofication Booth!

It has all characters of the old Character Viewer as well as three new ones. Two I have previously published on DeviantArt but the last character, William, is an all-new and about to undergo some drastic changes.

UPDATE 31/7: Now with even more characters and additional status information!

~ Gardamuse

Bimbo Blackjack

21 July 2019

I was recently asked over on DeviantArt if I was going to add Bimbo Blackjack to Blushing Defeat since it would make accessing it easier. And of course I should!

I think I originally didn’t add it because I didn’t consider it good enough, but it really is quite fun, too. In any case, Bimbo Blackack is now available on Blushing Defeat :)

~ Gardamuse

Bimbo Holdem Poker Bug Fixes

20 July 2019

A long standing Bimbo Holdem Poker bug that I had never been able to fix occurred in quite long games. This bug sometimes made the game not end, and instead allowed players that had already lost keep betting.

The cause, and a fix for this bug, was recently pointed out to me by MaddieMeadows! Many thanks to her for that!

That fix is now implemented in version 1.2.4 of Bimbo Holdem Poker, available now.

~ Gardamuse