The Bimbofication Booth

29 July 2019

Blushing Defeat have for quite some time had the Character Viewer which has allowed watching transformations of five Bimbo Holdem Poker characters. It does work on all devices, but not that well.

However, I really like the idea of a web app for viewing transformation sequences. As such I’m proud to announce version 1 of the Bimbofication Booth!

It has all characters of the old Character Viewer as well as three new ones. Two I have previously published on DeviantArt but the last character, William, is an all-new and about to undergo some drastic changes.

UPDATE 31/7: Now with even more characters and additional status information!

~ Gardamuse

Bimbo Blackjack

21 July 2019

I was recently asked over on DeviantArt if I was going to add Bimbo Blackjack to Blushing Defeat since it would make accessing it easier. And of course I should!

I think I originally didn’t add it because I didn’t consider it good enough, but it really is quite fun, too. In any case, Bimbo Blackack is now available on Blushing Defeat :)

~ Gardamuse

Bimbo Holdem Poker Bug Fixes

20 July 2019

A long standing Bimbo Holdem Poker bug that I had never been able to fix occurred in quite long games. This bug sometimes made the game not end, and instead allowed players that had already lost keep betting.

The cause, and a fix for this bug, was recently pointed out to me by MaddieMeadows! Many thanks to her for that!

That fix is now implemented in version 1.2.4 of Bimbo Holdem Poker, available now.

~ Gardamuse

Blushing Defeat Design Update

12 May 2019

Bimbo’s are usually easy to use and always care about looking good, and so should websites! As such I’ve given Blushing Defeat a few improvements to look more interesting and provide a smoother user experience. Most importantly, the Apps and Games page have received a good 300cc of upgrades so that it should now be much easier to browse. The old design really wasn’t very good.

In other news, Mispell have also received some updates during the last month, both in design and under the hood. I don’t really have any patch notes ready, but it should be possible to notice a different feel from what it was on release.


~ Gardamuse

Mispell: Literary Bimbofication

31 March 2019

I’ve just released a new web app: Mispell! It makes use of natural language processing to add unnecessary words into, and misspell words in, any text of your choosing. Thus any text can be turned into something a bimbo might have written, or, since the added word mass and misspells slow down reading speed, make the reader feel more like how a bimbo might. A slider allows you to set the “target IQ” of the text which adjusts the frequency of inserted words and misspells.

The inspiration for this tool comes from Bimbo at computer, bimbofication guide by DeviantArtist MimiDumb. There are some fun ideas there to experiment with.

There are still some edge cases that need to be fixed, and plenty of extra features I would like to add at some point. If I get the time. But let me know what you think about it and if there are any improvements you can come up with! In particular, let me know if you come up with any simple words that are good synonyms to more complicated ones.

Demonstration of Mispell

I’ve jst released, like, a you nkow, new web ap: Mispel! It amks uis of actualy sorta um natural language procesin, like, to ad, like, unnecessary words into, anb misspell words in, any text of yu chosing. Thus any text can be, like, turned ino someding a bimbo might have written, or, since the aded word mass anb misspells slow down, like, reading, like, spid, make, like, de reader fie, like, more like how a bimbo might. A slider allows yah to set the “target IQ” of dee text which adjusts, like, the frequency of inserted words and mispels.

De inspiration for ds tool comes from “Bimbo at computer, bimbofication guide” by Deviantartist Mimidumb. There are some fun dice the to experiment wih.

Dere are, like, totally still some edge cases dat ene to be, like, fixed, anb plenty of totally sorta uh, extra features I’d like to add at some point. If I get de time. But let, like, me konw, like, wht u think about it and if de are, like, any improvements u can, like, come, like, up wid! In sorta paritucla, let me konw if ya come up with any totaly uh, simple words taht are, like, kinda god synonyms to mro complicated ones.

~ Gardamuse