Blushing Defeat Design Update

12 May 2019

Bimbo’s are usually easy to use and always care about looking good, and so should websites! As such I’ve given Blushing Defeat a few improvements to look more interesting and provide a smoother user experience. Most importantly, the Apps and Games page have received a good 300cc of upgrades so that it should now be much easier to browse. The old design really wasn’t very good.

In other news, Mispell have also received some updates during the last month, both in design and under the hood. I don’t really have any patch notes ready, but it should be possible to notice a different feel from what it was on release.


~ Gardamuse

Mispell: Literary Bimbofication

31 March 2019

I’ve just released a new web app: Mispell! It makes use of natural language processing to add unnecessary words into, and misspell words in, any text of your choosing. Thus any text can be turned into something a bimbo might have written, or, since the added word mass and misspells slow down reading speed, make the reader feel more like how a bimbo might. A slider allows you to set the “target IQ” of the text which adjusts the frequency of inserted words and misspells.

The inspiration for this tool comes from Bimbo at computer, bimbofication guide by DeviantArtist MimiDumb. There are some fun ideas there to experiment with.

There are still some edge cases that need to be fixed, and plenty of extra features I would like to add at some point. If I get the time. But let me know what you think about it and if there are any improvements you can come up with! In particular, let me know if you come up with any simple words that are good synonyms to more complicated ones.

Demonstration of Mispell

I’ve jst released, like, a you nkow, new web ap: Mispel! It amks uis of actualy sorta um natural language procesin, like, to ad, like, unnecessary words into, anb misspell words in, any text of yu chosing. Thus any text can be, like, turned ino someding a bimbo might have written, or, since the aded word mass anb misspells slow down, like, reading, like, spid, make, like, de reader fie, like, more like how a bimbo might. A slider allows yah to set the “target IQ” of dee text which adjusts, like, the frequency of inserted words and mispels.

De inspiration for ds tool comes from “Bimbo at computer, bimbofication guide” by Deviantartist Mimidumb. There are some fun dice the to experiment wih.

Dere are, like, totally still some edge cases dat ene to be, like, fixed, anb plenty of totally sorta uh, extra features I’d like to add at some point. If I get de time. But let, like, me konw, like, wht u think about it and if de are, like, any improvements u can, like, come, like, up wid! In sorta paritucla, let me konw if ya come up with any totaly uh, simple words taht are, like, kinda god synonyms to mro complicated ones.

~ Gardamuse

Bimbo Holdem Poker is now open source

17 March 2019

Bimbo Holdem Poker is now open source. Checkout the Bimbo Holdem Poker repository.

I released Bimbo Holdem Poker the 17 January 2016, after about three months of development, or half a year counting Bimbo Blackjack which I made as a first step towards creating a more involved erotic casino game. BHP have had some updates since, with many talented artists contributing both art and writing for characters, but due to limitations with flash, and general lack of time on my part, I’ve been thinking for a time of opening the source for BHP, so that the code can be put to new use, should anyone be interested.

When I recently found out about a very good first transformation game from deviant-artist Skaiyawn I figured they might have use for UI library I developed for BHP. At the same time as this, I was also contacted by a contributor to Strip Poker Night at the Inventory, looking to check out the BHP source code, if it was available. SPNatI, incidentally, is another erotic poker game using kisekae art, but open source, that I had never heard of before! Naturally I was amazed by this coincidence of events and decided that I better make haste in getting the codebase online, and so I did.

For anyone who is interested in using the source, check out the readme in the repository! My code is all MIT-licensed, but it is not just my code in the repo. If anyone makes something fun of it, I hope you get in touch! I’m always interested in seeing new fun things being made :)

~ Gardamuse

Sound Queuer, a small Autohotkey script

04 August 2018

This is a small autohotkey script I came up with and thought that someone else might have fun with too. It queues random sound files of your choosing each time you press a hotkey and then plays those sounds until the queue is empty. The idea is that if you’re playing a bimbo character you can quickly play a sound whenever they do something stupid, or as a reward when they do something good. It could be used in some entirely different way too, the effect depends entirely on which sounds you use. Be aware that the script comes with a few sounds I’ve copied from some videos.


  1. Make sure you have Autohotkey installed.
  2. Download the SoundQueuer and extract the zip file.
  3. Place all the sounds you want to use in the sounds folder located next to the .ahk file. Remove any of the default sounds that you don’t want.
  4. Start the script by double clicking sound-queuer.ahk.
  5. By default there are two hotkeys: Alt+Q to play one sound and Alt+W to play ten sounds. Press either to start using the script!

It is easy to change the hotkeys to any key you want. For instance, if you want to run this script each time you use a specific ability in-game, you can bind it to the same key as that ability. To modify the script, just open it in a plain text editor. If you haven’t used autohotkey before, don’t worry! The script is well documented and there are links to help pages that will show you how to modify a hotkey.

If you come up with a more inspired name, let me know in the comments ;)

~ Gardamuse


02 August 2018

I have now added a cookie policy page and accompanying pop-up notice to comply with EU regulations. I currently only use cookies to enable Disqus (the comment plugin) and Google Analytics (for collecting anonymous usage statistics), but you can read all about it on that page (although not much more, it’s quite minimal for now).

I am quite annoyed by this aspect of the data protection law. It is a very important law to have, but some things clearly don’t make sense in my mind. Cookie policy should definitely be up to the user, but the browser should have that functionality, not require it of every single website. But then, even disabling cookies entirely is very flimsy protection. If you really want to protect your data you need a VPN, or better yet, something like Tor. I’m not sure that much is necessary, but it is if you want your data to be secret.

I’m ranting, but the pop-up is up now, and those are some thoughts about it. To end on a lighter note, this post will probably go up alongside another post announcing a script I’ve written (not quite done yet) that might be fun for someone :)

~ Gardamuse