Blushing Defeat

28 July 2017

I felt that “Gardamuse’s Blog” wasn’t a very interesting name. It took some thinking, but I feel like “Blushing Defeat” does resonate quite well with the kind of content I usually make. Now just remains registering a domain name, and then we’ll see how far this will take us :)

~ Gardamuse

Request For Comments

24 July 2017

I’ve now enabled comments via Disqus on blog posts. To get there, click on the title of a post, and you should be able to comment. If it works well enough, I am probably going to add commenting to a few more places as well.

~ Gardamuse

The site is up, welcome!

22 July 2017

Because DeviantArt is not the ideal place for games, be them NSFW or otherwise, I felt like I could probably use my own website. By the advice of a friend I looked into finding a good solution for that. Thus, here we are.

The idea is that my work will be accessible from here. While not much yet, Bimbo Holdem Poker is already hosted here. Click that link, or access it from the navigation bar.

~ Gardamuse