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Mispell 1.1 - Bimbo Speak Translator

Acting dumb in the right way can be difficult. Mispell allows you to easily read or write like a bimbo by translating whatever text you give it to sound dumber. How much dumber the text will sound can be adjusted with a slider, allowing you to tune the text to your preferences or stage of bimbofication.

Be wary though, go too stupid and some words may be changed entirely, not to mention the poor grasp a bimbo might have on any number past 10.

Mispell is inspired by DeviantArtist MimiDumb's Bimbo at computer bimbofication guide were the idea is that reading text with various errors will put the reader in a bimbo mindset, both by slowing down reading speed and by setting up for a bimbo-like inner monologue.

Input Text

Write or paste some text in the box below!

IQ: 140

Adjust how dumb the text will sound. The lower the IQ, the more misspells and unnecessary words are added. At maximum IQ, there will be no change in the text.

Press the button to make the text sound dumber!


The box below displays the text translated into bimbo speak.

New in Version 1.1

This version brings an overhauled insertion algorithm, less generic misspellings in favour of targeted rules for specific sounds and a new number scrambling feature. Who thought bimbos could count past 10?

In addition...

This app is free to use for any purpose. If you have any suggestions for improvement, feel free write a comment or contact me directly. I would be especially grateful for dumber-sounding synonyms to more difficult words.

Besides use through this website, Mispell is a JS library that can allow apps or games to tweak text to conform to a dynamically chosen level of bimbofication. It is available under the MIT license and you can find it on the Mispell Github page.